Preserved greenery wall




Preserved bosco walls
Example of vertical walls with preserved plants




The Vertical gardens with preserved greenery plants are a perfect alternative to the vertical garden

natural especially in places unsuitable for the survival of natural plants as a lack of constant light

and periods of total absence of staff. We design green walls with our preserved plants

including many botanical essences of eucalyptus, lavender, hydrangea, kenzia, papyrus, flowers, roses, asparagus,

bear grass, aralia, oak, palms, pittosphorus, heather, amaranthus, ferns, mosses and lichens a variety of

plants preserved in allrainforest shades that are lushly distributed against a forest moss background, 

ensure a deceptively genuine feel of nature. All the elements suitable to make the interior of a

maintenance-free home, office, meeting room or hotel.

The vertical gardens with stabilized plants it does not require water

misting or irrigation, sunlight and soil, but they maintain the their liveliness with their fresh appearance

and their feeling without pruning and periodic maintenance with possibility infinite even to install

the gardens to the ceiling.

The vertical garden can be totally realized on measure.

The thickness of the foliage varies from 10-15 cm. The weight per square meter is 7-12 kg and the support

material is in MDF (medium density fiberboard) 3-6 mm thick with EUROCLASSE D, s2, d0

certification relative only to the panel.



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