Preserved polemoss walls 


                                   preserved polemoss walls
                                                                        Example of preserved polemoss walls



The vertical garden with preserved polemoss

We offers the new world of furnishing your indoor environment with the vertical garden in polemoss, a beautiful forest moss that

provides an excellent green design in a round or semicircular shape. The botanically preserved polemoss called

(Leucobryum Glaucum) is a versatile decorative element for any soft and the radiating effect of tranquility for a pleasant climate

that expands throughout its environment. This stabilized polemoss is regulated and irreplaceable vibrant green texture with 3D 

effect on yours wall giving natural attention as unlike other stabilized plant elements including lichen stabilized and stabilized

flat moss has different dimensions, depth, shape and weight, thus guaranteed create an incomparable approach system that

gives life to an infinite extension and authentic transitions without limits creativity, without any need for maintenance, decorating

your interiors with perfection and elegance, adapting to yours needs and your desires. The creation of the vertical garden is

entirely done by hand by hand destroying moss in its shape and structure is ideal for designing small and large walls and ceilings

vegetableNo maintenance is needed, no water and sunlight required to enjoy its eternal appearance natural. It is totally

customizable.The thickness of the moss varies from 5-7 cm. The weight per square meter is 8-14 kg e the support

material is MDF(medium density fiberboard) 3 - 6 mm thick with EUROCLASSE certification D, s2, d0 relative only to the panel.


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