LandscapeABC studio design is a multidisciplinary project constantly in research and innovation.

We design and build gardens with our preserved plants, a solution more suitable for those who do not have a "green" thumb.

We offer everyone the opportunity to have "quality green" for those who do not have a natural passion for growing the interior plants inside the house. They are an interesting solution to consider because they do not need to be used of water, soil and fertilizers.

In addition, preserved plants and Preserved vertical garden offer for those in need subdivision of spaces or dividers the property of phono-absorbency.



Preserved plants can have numerous fields of application from the decorative table center to the apartment Plants , to the planter, to the bonsai or as a form of interior furnishing both of offices and of dwelling and can also create real green walls, made up of multiple types of essence. Trees, plants, bonsai, lichens, mosses may very well be inserted in any context whether domestic or professional as long as it is exclusively indoors, away from atmospheric agents.

This is an excellent solution for who has always wanted to have plants in the home or office, but could not make them survive, either because of incapacity in the growth of agricultural knowledge or simply due to lack of time and not ideal climatic conditions.


The advantages of preserved plants

Here are the advantages of preserved plants :

  • No need for irrigation.
  • No need for soil or fertilizer.
  • No need for light
  • No growth: the volume remains constant and controlled
  • Possibility to have outside plants in indoor environments.
  • Panel support material: MDF (medium density fiberboard) thickness 3/6 mm EURO CLASS: D, s2, d0 relative to the panel.

Instructions and advice: the preserved plants are entirely natural.

Here are some precautions to ensure freshness and optimum life:

  • Do not expose to direct sunlight behind glass for a prolonged period
  • Do not place in contact with heaters or heating systems
  • Do not irrigate, spray or clean with water
  • Use only indoors
  • Maintain a hygrometric rate not exceeding 70%
  • The slight hint of undergrowth, especially in the initial phase is a normal, physiological phenomenon of real vegetables.
  • A slight difference in tone over time should be considered normal.


Unlike artificial plants, stabilized plants are not static, so dust does not stick. We recommend dusting occasionally with a breath of cold air max 0.2 / 0.4 Bar. You are in the right place! Request a quote now to transform your living spaces into an oasis of tranquility.

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