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LandscapeABC, the whole world of preserved plants and artificial plants!

If you want to live an new experience related to the restoration and improvement of your environment, you are in the right place.

LandscapeABC is a multidisciplinary project that works with passion in the production of preserved plants, Artificial plants 

vertical gardens for both indoors and outdoors . All our plants can have numerous fields of application or from the houseplant

to the planter or bonsai that forms a green furnishing for hotel offices, restaurants, gyms, wellness centers, hospital clinics, airports

lounge bars, swimming pools, b&bs, conference rooms, casinos, airports, shopping centers thus giving a natural touch that conveys

a sense of serenity that invites the relaxation and enjoyment of the five senses. We also create vertical gardens made up of several

types of essence including preserved and artificial moss.


We offer a customized green scenography creation service on request making each project unique and special.


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The preserved plants and preserved moss are entirely natural and are exclusively for indoors, away from atmospheric agents

Artificial plants can also be placed outdoors.

- Do not expose to direct sunlight behind glass for an extended period
- Do not place in contact with convectors or heating systems
- Do not irrigate, spray or clean with water
- Use only indoors
- Maintain a hygrometric rate not exceeding 70%
- The slight hint of undergrowth especially in the initial phase is a normal, physiological phenomenon of real vegetables.
- A slight difference in tone over time is to be considered normal.



Preserved vertical plants : dust them occasionally with a blast of cold air max 0.2 / 0.4 Bar.

Artificial plants and vertical gardens: Use spray and damp cloth.


> Click here for quotation   and transform your living spaces into an oasis of calm.



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