LandscapeABC of Cannone Francesco garden design 

Stabilized plants , stabilized decorative plant panels , moss designlandscape garden.

LandscapeABC studio garden design is a multidisciplinary project that operates in Europe in the design and realization of gardens and stabilized plants with an excellent " value for money ". Thanks to ongoing research into "green" industry and the relation with the harmony of nature and his own forms, our  company designs green areas and create a new design incontinua relationship to man and his environment which we discover and continuous stimuli emotions.                          

We Satisfy a lot of furniture required for indoor environments such as offices, meeting room, business center, hotel, restaurants, shops and shop windows using stabilized plants including flowers and lichen stabilized thanks to the unique process of preservation and replacement of the lymph with an ecological and 100% of natural stabilizing treatment product able to preserve the appearance, the freshness and the aroma for many years without the need for land, water and light solar.


The Stabilized plants:

After a 'careful selection of their vital status and gloss and they are subjected to constant contact with moisture, heat and light in stabilization chambers and then be placed into tanks containing a liquid mixture based on glycerin, water and food coloring. This process allow much evaporate the sap contained in the plant and replaced with this new mixture . The Stabilized plants are washed and dried to then be applied on panels and decorative panels or for the creation of floral compositions.

The Stabilized plants and Their Advantage:

the Stabilized plants may have many applications, from decorative centerpiece, the houseplant, which is a form of furniture for the perfect interior for Offices for Housing but you can also create veritable green walls, made up more types of essence that do not need to be dusted. Trees, lichens and stabilized plants, offer the possibility of being able to easily be inserted in any setting including the home or office purche internal, accessible to everyone, even for people who do not have a natural passion to grow plants because at least for ten years .They will not die, and you can get in any kind of environment of "green" quality. this is a 'good solution for those who have always wanted to have plants in your home or office, but could not make them survive, either by inability to Grow Knowledge Agrarian or simply for lack of time and climatic conditions not ideal.

The Stabilized plants are an interesting solution to be taken into consideration as well as not to require the use of soil and fertilizers is also free of allergens and do not emit CO2. In addition, the Stabilized plants  and vegetable walls offer for those needing splitting spaces or dividers becouse also have the properties of sound-absorbent.