Preserved flatmoss frame

 Preserved flatmoss frame                               

                            Example of Preserved flatmoss frame

The "true" natural preserved flat moss is synonymous with life and spontaneous freshness like hers growth even in the

most extreme conditions suitable for any type of interior use, from exhibition and private spaces to large ones shopping malls

and public places, right up to the furnishing of one's home. It is an excellent 100% natural and ecological material useful for

the realization of paintings with preserved flat moss as it has a uniform, versatile, scenographic effect, pleasant to look at and

above all soft to the touch. A new way to be in tune with nature and to let yourself be transported definitively to atmospheres

rich in sensations and biodiversity. It requires no maintenance or special attention. The stabilization treatment preserves from

becoming rotten, but does not transform it into an artificial product rather into a stabilized product because maintains softness

color and elasticity over time. Being stabilized, it does not emit carbon dioxide, residue of the chlorophyll photosynthesis

which therefore no longer occurs. The vegetable frames are available with and without wooden frame in different sizes

including rectangular or spherical square according to your tastes and personal needs ensuring convenient and quick installation

as it is not necessary to irrigate, treat or light.


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