3D bun moss logo lettering sphere  


polemoss lettering sphere
            Example of polemoss logo lettering sphere

We are able to create your professional logo in preserved polemoss with its green 3D effect allows you to better

recognize your company in the world. The task of the polemoss logo is to inspire trust and superiority over another

company thanks to the name, brand or even a digit and letter with a vibrant green aspect that only the polemoss

has and that does not require maintenance thanks to a process of stabilization. This allows you to have a real glance

either at your reception or in your test rooms in how much the polemoss symbol gives a smile to your customers.

We also have the possibility to make the spheres in polemoss to be used in different ways to decorate and highlight

your interior space. They can be hung and they can also be placed on a table, in a vase or on the floor.


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