Preserved flatmoss and polemoss frame


Preserved flatmoss and polemoss frame
Example of Preserved flatmoss and polemoss frame


The rich green tones and the difference in colors and shapes of the mosses preserved between them give our frame with 

moss and polemoss stabilizednew art scene dove of the mix of mosses effect in 3D polemoss rise spherically with a dark

background of stabilized flat moss. The natural appearance of the mosses reminds us of the rich soil of the forest green

and evokes a blessing for the eye and soul while preserving their 100% original natural appearance without considering

your green design furniture in your office, home, in the dining room home-style dining, in the bedroom or in the living room

in the conference room. The frames are available with and without wooden frame in different sizes including square

rectangular or spherical according to your personal tastes and needs, ensuring convenient and fast conditions as

it is not necessary irrigate, treat or light.


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