Artificial plants 


We specialize in the creation and sale of artificial trees, artificial bonsaiartificial plants  topiary spheres

plants including roses artificial, artificial palms, artificial hedges, artificial bamboo canes, synthetic leaf

planters with artificial plants, artificial succulents plants and all types of artificial leaves artificial olive tree

artificial ivy, artificial maple, artificial ficus,artificial longifolgia, artificial geraniums, artificial bamboo, artificial pinus

artificial pittosporum, artificial podocarpus, artificial agapanthus, artificial alocasia, artificial banana tree

artificial strelitzia, artificial cactus, artificial boxwood, artificial camellia, artificial croton, Cycas artficiale, cymbidium

artificial orchid, artificial dracaena, artificial fescue, artificial ficus benjamin, artificial wisteria, artificial calathea

artificial guzmania, artificial kentia, artificial lemon, artificial magnolia. Our synthetic plants are of high quality

and require no maintenance and will bringcolor and life in your home as it is an important floral decoration

widely used in those environments such as workplaces where the real plant or the cut flower could not be used

as furnishing elements because they would require onecontinuous maintenance. Our artificial flowers

and plants are also used for home furnishings, especially by who would not have the time and the green thumb

to take care of real plants or to furnish corners without sunlight, necessary for survival of real plants.

We have many types of synthetic plants produced by hand and ready to be inserted into your environment.

The height of the plants always refers to the total height from land.


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Artificial olive tree

Artificial olive tree

Artificial olive tree is an evergreen tree with leathery, whole and elliptical-lanceolate stabilized leaves.

Design H 130 - H 180 - H 200 - H 240 cm - Customized measurements can be made on request.

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