Preserved polemoss frame

preserved polemoss frame
                                                 Example of preserved polemoss frame


We offer unique preserved polemoss frame with stabilized polemoss, an amazing moss preserved with the property 

sound absorbing that reaches the unique and irreplaceable vibrant green texture with 3D effect on yours giving

a natural atmosphereUnlike other preserved plant elements including stabilized lichen and the flat moss stabilized

the preserved polemoss has different dimensions, depth, shape and weight between them and its thickness varies from 5 to 12 cm

and thus allows you to create a fresh green carpet with undergrowth effect without limits of creativity, without

any maintenance, decorating your interiors perfectly and elegantly, adapting to your needs and yours wishes. The support

of the frame is made of wood or without a white frame. On request we can color the frame at your convenience 

ensuring quick and convenient installation as they have no water and above all do not require maintenance.



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