Preserved moss frame


Preserved moss frame
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We have a large collection of preserved moss frame with preserved reindermoss, a modern and elegant contemporary

furnishing accessory that allows you to transform your gray and monotonous interior environment into something

exclusive and simple. Preserved Moss is 100% natural and treated to remain soft, flame retardant, flexible and easy to

work and can only be used indoors where it is possible to guarantee a humidity level "rate hygrometric "in the environment

equal to 50%. However, if the relative humidity drops below 50%, the moss it becomes hard and fragile. Fortunately it will

regain its softness when the original humidity is stabilized. It must not be exposed to direct sunlight or to sources of heat

or bad weather. We dispose of different colors of lichen from leaf green, lime green, moss green, red, blue, yellow

and the supports of the pictures of stabilized lichen they are made of MDF wood with and without frame. On request it is

possible to mix the colors of the lichen as well create paintings in different formats including square, rectangular or spherical

according to your personal tastes and needs ensuring quick and easy installation as they have no water and no maintenance.


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