Preserved polemoss and flatmoss wall

Preserved polemoss and flatmoss walls
                                       Example of Preserved polemoss and flatmoss walls

The preserved vertical garden polemoss and preserved flatmoss  differs  between their mixture of colors  and preserved

moss  shapes. The preserved walls is entirely made with stabilized flat moss that has a soft and extensive consistency

and superimposed on it we have the polemoss preserved with 3D effect a harmonious and versatile combination that

recalls the rich soil of the green forest. This natural contrast of the spring green color of  the polemoss combined with flat

dark green moss without leaves and a good start for the your ideas and personal design  of your vertical garden.

No maintenance is required, no water and light required solar to enjoy its eternal natural appearance.

It is totally customizable. The thickness of the moss polemoss ranges from 5-7 cm. The weight per square meter is 8-14 kg

and the support material is MDF (medium density wood fiber) 3 - 6 mm thick with EUROCLASSE D, s2, d0 certification

relative only to the panel.


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